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Guided tours

The tour takes about 50 minutes and is always guided, with maximum of 25 people per tour. Tours are also in English. Guided tour consist of 172 stairs.


If you are interested in private tour for groups or romantic evenings, contact us by phone +420 222 220 879 or via email:

Guided tour comprises the Baroque library hall, the baroque perl between the libraries with beautiful fresco paintings and a few historically rare big globes. Meridian hall, the unique room, previously used for determining noon. Astronomical tower which is 68 meters high presents a wonderful view of the historical center of Prague.

About Klementinum

Large complex of Klementinum is situated next to the Charles Bridge, right in the historical centre of Prague. Klementinum, built on area of 2 hectares, is one of the largest building complexes in Europe. Klementinum has a long and rich history and to this day is an important place of culture and knowledge.